• My Top Three Goals for May

    It’s May already? It’s crazy how fast the days go by! Anyway, the beginning of a new month means it’s time to evaluate my last monthly goals and set new goals for this month. To be honest, I could have done a better job in accomplishing my goals but I guess you can always say it in retrospect, the actual achievement is to make it happen within the timeline you set yourself. I hope this month I’ll remember it more often, as it’s a good source for motivation, isn’t it?   April Goals RECAP   1 | DECLUTTER MY DIGITAL SPACE Oh, technology… it has such an amazing way to make our life so…

  • A month in review // April.

    For a long time, I’ve been wanting to start a monthly feature where I could journal exclusively about my life happenings and lessons learned of the month. There is so much going on in our lives as we are rushing with the everyday tasks, that we forget to slow down and embrace the little things life gifts us. ‘Month in review’ is not a new concept, and as I saw a lot of bloggers practicing it, I  was inspired to start my own series. This will be my place to log the things I want to remember and share them with you.

  • The Best Version of Your Life

    You don’t just wake up one morning to a completely different life. Life doesn’t drastically change overnight if you remove big life events from the equation, but I don’t think you need to wait for one to happen if you want to change your life. I strongly believe that the baby steps you take every day are the ones that have the greatest impact on your life eventually. It’s the shift of your mindset and your personal growth that evolves and changes you and the life you’re living at the same time. The only reason your life will stay the same is if you stay the same. If you constantly…

  • My Top Three Goals for April

    As much as I love setting goals (and boy I have a long list of those), having them actually achieved I love even more. Achieving a goal will be much easier when having the right system that not only collects all your goals but also helps you in tracking your progress towards accomplishing them. As this is, after all, a personal blog, I decided to make it into a monthly post to write my goals for the weeks ahead. This ‘Monthly Goals’ type of post will play the role of that system for me. Every month I will pick my top three goals to focus on, and once I’m done…

  • Happy New Year!!!

    May the simple joys of life warm your heart, fill your home and last a lifetime. ♡ I wish you a year filled with love and pleasures, health and achievements. This year you have 365 new days and 365 new chances. Make it count. Happy new year!

  • Life Update

    I can’t say I’m the most consistent blogger, quite the opposite, so every time I’m starting to write a new post, I feel I need to apologize, mainly to myself, ‘cause it has been so long from the last time I posted. Writing makes me feel good. But so does a lot of other things. It’s kind of a constant battle for my attention between the things that make me feel good. Rich people problems… I know.. So, I have a little announcement. Instead of feeling sorry about not blogging, I decided I’m going to make an effort to at least post once a month. I have so many blog…

  • Summer Goals

    I often get so caught up in my everyday life, that I forget about the things I actually want to accomplish. Pulling back to review my goals can be such a hard time for me, that I often wait to the ‘perfect’ moment to do so (or should I say procrastinate?). I always considered a new year as a great time for resolution making, but January came and went and I didn’t make any, and it is June already! So, after a long time of beating myself up for losing that chance, I came to realize that a new month, a new week or even a new day, are all…

  • The Happy List #1

    ♥ Daniel’s BIG Smile & the voice of his Laugh ♥ ♥ The first bite of a meal when you are really hungry ♥ ♥ Waking up in the morning and actually feeling like you had enough sleep ♥ ♥ Crawling into bed after a long day ♥  Hot showers ♥ ♥ Pictures I’ve taken at just the right angle ♥ ♥ Ice coffee in a really hot day ♥ ♥ The smell of a freshly-baked bread ♥ ♥ Tight hugs ♥ Forehead kisses  ♥ ♥  The sea ♥ Nature Trips ♥  

  • 2017

    I know I haven’t been here much for a few months (and maybe this post will shed some light on the reason why), but I think 2017 truly deserve a proper goodbye as it brought us so many new and exciting experiences and the biggest changes of our lives. So just a few hours before the new year, I want to reflect and share some big moments and accomplishments from this year, which surely was a busy one!  

  • My list of Goals!

    I like to have a place for everything and I need to plan out everything before I start. Sometimes, this weirdness of mine prevents me from just starting doing the things I so carefully plan. So to stop me from procrastinating with starting to work towards achieving my goals, I thought it would be a good idea to write them all down in one place where I can review them and see my progress.