• ♥ 3 Year Anniversary ♥

      December 28th, 2015, the birth of a new family. The birth of so many memories, countless moments of laughter, a few moments of tears, a lot of teamwork, insane amounts of love, one perfect baby and one messy & wonderful life. It has been 3 very blessed years, 156 amazing weeks & 1,095 awesome days. Happy anniversary to my partner in crime. Cheers to many many more great moments to share together! Love you always and forever yours, Liron  

  • Weekend recap

    Good morning! It’s Sunday morning and I’m starting something new. At least, I’m going to experiment with it for a while and see how I like it- a weekend recap.

  • Baby Daniel is here!

    My sweet baby boy Daniel was born on Tuesday, June 6 at 8:24 AM weighing 2.800kg, 11 days before his due date, which means, he is 1 month old today!

  • Our love story

    Today, I’m taking a little walk down memory lane and sharing the personal story of how Alexander and I fell in love.