Life Update

I can’t say I’m the most consistent blogger, quite the opposite, so every time I’m starting to write a new post, I feel I need to apologize, mainly to myself, ‘cause it has been so long from the last time I posted.

Writing makes me feel good. But so does a lot of other things. It’s kind of a constant battle for my attention between the things that make me feel good. Rich people problems… I know..

So, I have a little announcement. Instead of feeling sorry about not blogging, I decided I’m going to make an effort to at least post once a month. I have so many blog post ideas to share with you, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here’s a quick little update of the top 5 things that have been going on in my life since my last visit here.


My baby turned 1


In June, Daniel, my son, my baby, turned 1. Which means he’s no longer an infant. He’s a toddler now!

He’s full of life and loves to cruise furniture and move all around the house. He’s got 4 upper teeth and 3 lower ones, and he is all smiles. Still nursing and eating like a champ. He likes cars, boxes, and books. He loves sitting in my lap while I read to him the books he’s bringing. He likes listening to music and dance with his little hands. He loves water, which includes swimming pools, the sea, and long long baths while he splashes water everywhere.
He loves to hug and he does this thing where he lies down on his activity carpet and snuggles between the pillows and clinging to me with a big a the sweetest smile that melts my heart.

I love you son.


I am now a whole year older


This year went by so fast I honestly can say my birthday actually could have gone without me noticing it if only my family and the yearly calendar didn’t mention it.

Between working a full-time job, being a mom with tons of laundry every week, cooking and cleaning, and being a wife to your life partner that you also want to give attention to while trying also finding some time for myself, the days pass without me noticing the date.

My B-day was fun. We celebrated with a small family gathering, my bestie baked me not one, but two huge and tasty cakes, and I got to mark off few things out of my wish list with the gifts I received! so, yay! Happy me 🙂


My lovely grandma celebrated her reversed 18th Birthday!


I love you so much, granny!


I got a new job

in short:

Good people. Great kitchen. Quiet workplace. Awesome location.
Big lifestyle change.


Family trip to Holand

Before starting working at the new place, we decided to make a little family trip and Daniel got to make his first abroad travel!
He was a champ! 

Till next time,

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