• Family

    ♥ 3 Year Anniversary ♥

      December 28th, 2015, the birth of a new family. The birth of so many memories, countless moments of laughter, a few moments of tears, a lot of teamwork, insane amounts of love, one perfect baby and one messy & wonderful life. It has been 3 very blessed years, 156 amazing weeks & 1,095 awesome days. Happy anniversary to my partner in crime. Cheers to many many more great moments to share together! Love you always and forever yours, Liron  

  • Life

    Life Update

    I can’t say I’m the most consistent blogger, quite the opposite, so every time I’m starting to write a new post, I feel I need to apologize, mainly to myself, ‘cause it has been so long from the last time I posted. Writing makes me feel good. But so does a lot of other things. It’s kind of a constant battle for my attention between the things that make me feel good. Rich people problems… I know.. So, I have a little announcement. Instead of feeling sorry about not blogging, I decided I’m going to make an effort to at least post once a month. I have so many blog…

  • Family

    Baby Daniel is here!

    My sweet baby boy Daniel was born on Tuesday, June 6 at 8:24 AM weighing 2.800kg, 11 days before his due date, which means, he is 1 month old today!

  • Family

    Our love story

    Today, I’m taking a little walk down memory lane and sharing the personal story of how Alexander and I fell in love.

  • Motherhood

    Almost a Mom!

    I’m pregnant. So pregnant that it starts to be hard not to bump into something with my giant pregnant belly. I’ve kind of been the worst at documenting my pregnancy, so in an effort to make at least a little documentation, here is a recap of my journey so far: