• My Top Three Goals for April

    As much as I love setting goals (and boy I have a long list of those), having them actually achieved I love even more. Achieving a goal will be much easier when having the right system that not only collects all your goals but also helps you in tracking your progress towards accomplishing them. As this is, after all, a personal blog, I decided to make it into a monthly post to write my goals for the weeks ahead. This ‘Monthly Goals’ type of post will play the role of that system for me. Every month I will pick my top three goals to focus on, and once I’m done…

  • My list of Goals!

    I like to have a place for everything and I need to plan out everything before I start. Sometimes, this weirdness of mine prevents me from just starting doing the things I so carefully plan. So to stop me from procrastinating with starting to work towards achieving my goals, I thought it would be a good idea to write them all down in one place where I can review them and see my progress.