Almost a Mom!

I’m pregnant. So pregnant that it starts to be hard not to bump into something with my giant pregnant belly.

I’ve kind of been the worst at documenting my pregnancy, so in an effort to make at least a little documentation, here is a recap of my journey so far:



Morning sickness throughout the day

Basically, on the first trimester and a half through the second one, I wanted to vomit at all times. My morning sickness started at around 10 am and lasted till I got back home from work, where I met my toilet constantly around 8 pm to puke.

At about week 12, my doctor prescribed me Diclectin and recommended I’ll take it at night before bed to help with my sickness. It’s a first-generation antihistamine and vitamin B6 and considered perfectly safe to take during pregnancy.

After struggling for another week, ’cause of its crazy high price, I finally gave up and started taking the pills. That changed my life. My nausea slowly started to disappear once I started, till it was completely gone.


Shortness of breath

This one I never knew to expect during pregnancy as I never heard of, nor anyone I know, including my mom and sister, ever mentioned it. It had started after just a few weeks after I got pregnant and I’m still dealing with that since then.


Emotional rollercoaster

One slightly funny / slightly annoying thing throughout my first trimester (and maybe a bit after) has been my weird emotions. I’m not a big crier, but those first months of my pregnancy I ended up crying a lot! or at least tearing up. And sometimes it was about the weirdest things… like that one time I really lost it when my husband ate all the chocolate in our home and didn’t keep me some.. crazy, I know.


Lake of energy

My body felt by the book.

The first trimester I was so tired the whole time, that my eyelids drooped while sitting at my desk at work, and I could barely stay awake past 8 pm. As a result, I skipped and couldn’t attend many social events with my friends and family.

The second trimester was when my strength and energy were getting back and I finally started to feel more like myself again, emphasizing on “like”.

Pregnancy is really the time in your life you don’t feel your body belongs to you, and if you’ll stop for a moment, between another nausea and the will to kill someone because of a weird smell, you’ll realize it’s ok, and all the sickness and the discomfort you’re feeling right now are actually great, because it means a strong and healthy little baby is growing inside you. Oh, and the best part of it all is – it’s temporary and will be gone, leaving you with the best gift ever – your beautiful child.


Food aversions and cravings

Another thing that really sucked was feeling anti-meat for a really long time, well, months. I could barely bear the smell of meat or being near it. Besides, and in the context of my eating habits, I haven’t really had any weird cravings. I’ve had cravings, but no weird ones. I ate tons of sweet pepper during the entire first trimester, and now I’ve moved to cucumbers.


Back pains

So now that I’m on my third trimester, one of the few things I’m dealing with are back pains. I’ve always had those, but the extra weight of carrying a baby inside me is a new thing my body is dealing with, as it’s my first pregnancy!



At the beginning of my second trimester, heartburn began for me. I don’t think I knew what heartburn feels like till then, and it even took me some time to realize this is what it was. I did notice that it occurs more often after I eat some food with tomato paste, like pizza, so I try to avoid it. Even so, I still have them, mainly in the evening. It is far from being a pleasant feeling, but it’s bearable in my case.


What I Miss:

Fried eggs, souffle, a really good hamburger (the not “well done” kind), sushi, and a glass of white wine.


Weight Gain:

Up 6 kg. It feels nice to be gaining a steady and reasonable amount of weight, and one thing that has really boosted my spirits through this pregnancy is all the lovely compliments I have received along the way from the people around me.


My clothes:

I’ve been wearing flowy items I owned before I got pregnant, that still fit my belly.

I bought some maternity dresses from ASOS, which are really nice quality and really comfy.

Also, I borrowed some clothes from friends and family, which I actually don’t find wearing except for a really nice coat I lend from my sister.



Lots of movement.

I felt my sweet boy’s tiny movements for the first time on February 3ed, the end of my 20th week, while I was lying in bed, and the kicks have only gotten stronger and stronger since.


Favorite parts:

The fact that there is a tiny little human growing from scratch in my belly, who is 50/50 mix of Alex and me, and to hear his heartbeat, and to feel his kicks, those are the most miraculous, coolest and craziest things I’ve ever experienced.


Looking Forward to:

I’m so looking forward to him being here. To provide him food, stability, and Comfort. To teach him and keep him safe. To finally becoming a mom and wrap him with love.

Also, I really looking forward to seeing the look in Alexander’s eyes when he’ll first meet our son 🙂


That’s it for now, till next time,


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