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KONMARI Checklist | It’s Spring cleaning time!

In case you didn’t get the memo, Spring is here,  and It’s time to hit the home-reset button, and clean!

If by any chance you’ve managed to escape the KonMari Method buzz for tidying up, I’m here to fix it.

Before I dive into details, I urge you to get a copy of the book ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo, the tidying expert behind this method. I read it about two years ago and it significantly changed my perspective about the things I own and decide to bring into my home. You may also watch Netflix’s hit show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” where you can see Kondo’s process for tidying up in other’s people homes. You can learn more about her here.


WHAT IS THE KONMARI method goal?

Kondo’s tidying process aims to create a clutter-free home by discarding items that you don’t need and only keep the things that are either useful to you or pieces that bring you joy.

There’s no reason to keep a ton of junk around that isn’t doing anything for you, and this is exactly what KonMari method is all about.


Is the KonMari method equals Minimalism approach?

The mix up between those two is understandable, but the short answer is – not really.

They both similar in attributing great value to the belonging we decide to keep, but unlike Minimalism, the KonMari Method does not limit the number of items a person should own, on the contrary, it encourages you to keep all the things that make you happy, even if they have no functional use.





The first step of the KonMari Journey is to imagine how your ideal space and life would look like. Take a moment and envision how your home can be set up to make you feel more relaxed, calm and overall happier.



Marie Kondo suggests that the whole process from start to finish should take no more than 6 months, and each decluttering day should be considered as a special occasion. Don’t look at it as another chore around the home, instead, dress-up, put some music on and get excited to go one step closer to the life you want to live!



1 | The KonMari Method lays out a very specific order for decluttering items around your home where you go by category rather than by room.

2 | You should gather everything from the category (or subcategory) you are working into a pile. Only then, when everything in one place, you’re allowed to sort through and choose what you want to keep.

3| Pick every single item into your hand and ask yourself if it sparks joy. If the item doesn’t fit in with the space you wish to live in, let it go by showing gratitude and saying ‘thank you’. Then, discard or donate it.

4 | Kondo emphasize never to discard anyone else’s belongings without their permission. Just remember that even when solely focusing on just your own stuff, you’re going to make your home feel lighter, cleaner, and more organized.


The KonMari Tidying Order

As you work through the KonMari Method, you will start with the things that hold the least sentimental value. This way, you’ll get better at letting go of the stuff that you don’t need so when you reach the more sentimental items your decluttering muscles will be strong and ready.

The order you should follow is clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous, and mementos.

I’ve created a checklist that you can print to help you follow the process. Grab your free printable checklist from here.


1 | Every item you decide to keep should have a home. When you know where the item belongs you can easily place it back after the use and avoid creating a mess.

2 | Place all the items in a way that can be easily accessed. Avoid stacking or piling them. You can reuse shoe boxes as a tool for keeping items organized on a shelf or inside a drawer.

3 | Fold your clothes in a way so they stand up in a rectangular shape, so when you open the drawer you can see everything inside without having to move things.


What do you think about the KonMari Method? Have you tried it?
Leave me a comment down below! 

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